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Sensation seekers also fear commitment, for quite different reasons–the loss of variety, the fear of boredom.

I provide a self-assessment of eight fears about deep love, then suggests what to do about each.

About 20% of us are highly sensitive persons (HSPs); at least 34% of love relationships involve an HSP. I have found that when HSPs aren’t understood by themselves and others, that spells trouble.

That’s surely part of why my data show that, on the average HSPs, are a bit happier paired with each other. My data also show that on the average HSPs’ relationships in general are less happy–implying that relationships HSPs are in are less happy, at least for the HSP. HSPs have nervous systems that pick up more on subtleties in the world and reflect on them deeply.

Relationship Advice For HSPs Most important, this book tailors all those relationship self-help books to meet an HSP’s needs.Plus, it unveils my most recent results on HSPs and relationships.You won’t find that blend or those new results anywhere else.Self-tests at the beginning of allow individuals and couples to see how they rank on both traits.Even though temperament is invisible, it is very real.

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