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They have to be completely behind everything they say.I don't think there's any change that I know how to make that would take only a day.He started acting in short films soon after and it did not take him long to establish himself as an upcoming young actor with great future potential.Eventually he made his way into Disney Channel productions—the dream of every young actor—and made the best of the opportunities offered to him.

He also recognizes the importance of family, keeping a close relationship with his parents and older brother.His first stage experience was performing the Abbott & Costello routine "Who's On First" with his brother in a school talent show. Keeping a 4.0 grade point average in school, Jason is active in his church youth group and is very close to his parents and older brother, Jeffrey.Jason started acting professionally at age 11 and was thrilled to secure his first film credit with the lead role in the award winning short film entitled "Chasing Daylight" where he plays a boy in his attempt to cope with the loss of his best friend. Together with his family, he enjoys camping trips and visiting Disneyland.You know, I would go for fixing world hunger or world peace, but that takes more than one day. Did you know you have a dream every night, but you don't always remember it? And the dreams you don't remember, that's déjà vu, because you know you've seen it before, but you don't remember the dream.I would start the program, but then by the time I'd be done, I wouldn't be in office anymore. Fill in the blank: By the time I'm 17, I hope to ____________. I haven't taken a single driver's ed class — nothing.

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