Statistics dating violence 2016

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Book one of our speakers to give a teen dating violence program at your school.A pattern of put-downs, name-calling, yelling, or threats leveled against a dating partner.The abuser may also threaten to harm himself or others as a coercion technique.Physical harm caused to a victim’s person or property.Young teens often do not realize that this kind of control is abusive.They feel flattered that the abuser wants them all to himself and don’t realize until later the psychological damage inflicted by this behavior.

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Any sexual contact that is not 100% consensual, including any type of pressure or coercion that leads to sexual activity, oral sex, touching or kissing that is unwanted by the victim.

This also includes sexual contact with a partner who is intoxicated or drugged and unable to give clear and informed consent.

The use of any technology to control, pressure, or threaten a dating partner.

According to the July 2008 "Tween and Teen Dating Violence and Abuse Study" commissioned by Liz Claiborne Inc.

and, The National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline, tweens involved in relationships with the opposite sex experience significant rates of dating abuse and violence.

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