Signs of dating a loser

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Even giving you pleasure gives them a sense of power.

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When it comes to making new friends, she's a total snob. Beauty is only skin deep: She thinks she should be famous, but she hasn't done anything to warrant admiration besides look pretty. When she's single, her female friends even feel like they have to hide their boyfriends for fear she will try to pounce. One-way street: You're constantly doing things for her, but, as Janet Jackson would put it, "What have you done for me lately? Dirty-flirty double standard: She flirts with dudes in front of you, shamelessly.Why doesn't she get off her duff and do it herself? But she never wants to hang out with you and your best bros.Initially, it may seem flattering, even if a bit disconcerting, to have a man who seems unable to keep his hands off you anywhere and everywhere, including in public.As social predators, psychopaths tend to stalk their victims, overwhelming them with attention at first.

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