Should christians use christian dating online option backdating why the fuss and how to avoid it

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God will have him find me if indeed that is God's plan for my life.

I'm pretty content living my life, so if it happens, it happens and if it does'nt, it does'nt. I like to see who I'm talking to when it comes to personal relationships.

The concept of “He who finds a wife” (Proverbs ) is strongly emphasized, and the idea of a woman being actively out and about searching for a husband is frowned upon.

I’d always assumed that this biblical principle pretty much cancels out Christians utilizing dating sites to find a potential mate.

In 2013, many of us do our shopping, pay our bills, apply to jobs, and even earn degrees online. I found it odd that like a robot, I adopted these views without ever fully questioning them.

No, Jacob and Rachel didn’t have the option of hopping on the web and making a love connection, but what if they did?

One day it dawned on me that my uncompromising opinions about Christian dating sites are a little ironic, considering that I’m a young adult who is a part of Gen Y and living in the age of technology.They could be useful but I'd pray to God and see if its his will that you go about it that way and use caution even on the Christian sites. Thanks everyone for sharing your varying convictions about online dating.Bad people use them too, they aren't free from the dangerous people either. I think going to a dating site is a lot more honest way to find a mate than going to church under the guise of "worship." Just sayin. And people lie no less on the internet than they do in real life. I thought of starting this thread while watching a commercial for " Christian Mingle " online dating service.Would it have made their union any less valid or biblical? Online dating doesn’t correct the well-documented imbalance of devout Christian women (abundant supply) to like-hearted men (a paucity), but it at least widens the net for Christians seeking partners,” Paris wrote.A great argument in favor of Christians taking advantage of the perks that come with online dating was composed by Jenell Williams Paris of Christianity Today. It also reduces the need to choose between meaningful . Their profile pictures are surprisingly provocative—low cut shirts, exposed shoulders, skin-tight pants, pouty lips.

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