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"Sometimes if I can't find the sheet, I have to scream across the room to figure out what size clothes I wear," he said.

The unit is one of nine task forces in Missouri dedicated to investigating crimes against children online. Charles and Lincoln county sheriff's departments and the O'Fallon, Mo., Troy, Mo., and St. Bosley and other investigators work in nondescript cubicles that might be found in the middle of any office — except that they are equipped with multiple computers, so investigators can work several leads in different chat rooms at the same time.

Living as a registered sex offender can adversely affect every aspect of your life.The unit is funded through local, state and federal grants as well as a budget from the St. Drug forfeiture money has also been used to buy equipment, such as a mobile cyber lab, a van where computers and other electronic devices can be evaluated.The unit consists of three investigators who follow leads about child-related crimes, and three examiners who recover the evidence from computers and other electronic devices. Charles, Warren and Lincoln counties, but they regularly cooperate with agencies from across the state and country, said Lt. The average case takes approximately 42 hours to complete, and their caseload has increased every year."A person had died, and we really didn't know the cause of death, so we went through the computer and we saw through his Internet history that he had been researching antifreeze," he said.Based on the information, the medical examiner did a toxicology screening for the chemicals in antifreeze, and it confirmed that that was how the man had killed himself.

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