Saveorupdate not updating

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The // in the first session Cat cat = (Cat) first Session.load(Cat.class, cat ID); // in a higher tier of the application Cat mate = new Cat(); Mate(mate); // later, in a new session second Or Update(cat); // update existing state (cat has a non-null id) second Or Update(mate); // save the new instance (mate has a null id)//retrieve a cat from one database Session session1 = factory1Session(); Transaction tx1 = session1.begin Transaction(); Cat cat = session1.get(Cat.class, cat Id); tx1.commit(); session1.close(); //reconcile with a second database Session session2 = factory2Session(); Transaction tx2 = session2.begin Transaction(); session2.replicate(cat, Replication Mode.LATEST_VERSION); tx2.commit(); session2.close(); Usecases for this feature include reconciling data entered into different database instances, upgrading system configuration information during product upgrades, rolling back changes made during non-ACID transactions and more.The first method, Test Save Asset works just fine with the asset being updated and refreshed. Unresolvable Object Exception : No row with the given identifier exists: 1, of class: Test. Asset Has anyone seen anything similar to this before?The second method, Test Save New Asset, actually saves the new instance to the database with the UID identity column properly incremented. Hibernate Object Retrieval Fai lure Exception : No row with the given identifier exists: 1, of class: Test. It seems as though the Save Or Update call is always setting the Uid column to 1 regardless of what the associated value is actually set to in the database during the insert.

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This is useful if you wish to create an association to an object without actually loading it from the database.

sess = Session(); Transaction tx = sess.begin Transaction(); Flush Mode(Flush Mode.

COMMIT); // allow queries to return stale state Cat izi = (Cat) sess.load(Cat.class, id); Name(iznizi); // might return stale data sess.find("from Cat as cat left outer join cat.kittens kitten"); // change to izi is not flushed! tx.commit(); // flush occurs sess.close(); During flush, an exception might occur (e.g. Since handling exceptions involves some understanding of Hibernate's transactional behavior, we discuss it in Chapter 11, Transactions and Concurrency.

For programmatic query creation, Hibernate supports a sophisticated Criteria and Example query feature (QBC and QBE).

You can also express your query in the native SQL of your database, with optional support from Hibernate for result set conversion into objects.

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