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After he announced their split in 2004, her weight dropped dramatically.In 2007, he began dating other women: his assistant Poon Hang Cheung and model Michelle Yu.She also received Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award for Female Singer in 2011 Metro Radio Hits Awards.She had also won many top honors in various Chinese music awards held in Asia.

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After they resumed their relationship, he proposed at least six times but she did not accept, said the report.Having success in over 25 years in entertainment industry, Cheng has also been regarded as one of the most popular Hong Kong artists known in Asia Pacific.Cheng holds the record of having the most best sales albums and The Best Sales Local Female Vocalist awards in the Hong Kong Cantopop industry since her debut.She laughed again and said nothing, when the reporter asked: “Christians can’t lie. ” Finally, she waved goodbye at the reporter and said: “You’ve taken enough photos. Quick, go back.” The couple first got together in 1991 after recording a duet, .They kept their romance low-key and Hui did not talk about their relationship till 2001, after he won a top prize at the Jade Solid Gold Awards and made his famous “kitchen declaration”, thanking a woman who had been in his kitchen and made a pact with him to win top prizes together.

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