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The service is housed and maintained internally on the University network.

All incoming email, including emails addressed to sub-domains of the University domain and other non-Nottingham domains are directed through Pure Message, where mail is either passed through or held in quarantine.

This allows you to add addresses which you know to be safe and will save you having to deal with them individually on a daily basis.

In the log file I get the following error: Time: 02/09/2009 Message: ERROR: Download of SAVXP failed from server \SERVER\Inter Chk\ESXP\ Module: CIDUpdate Process ID: 5276 Thread ID: 5712 anyone got any ideas?

This will bring up a new email from which you can click send.

The message you have requested for release will then be sent on to your inbox.

The notification contains a summary of each new quarantined item and an ID web link to allow any incorrectly quarantined items to be released and returned to your email account.

There is even more information available in the Mutt FAQ and various web pages. The keybindings described in this section are the defaults as distributed.Mutt is highly configurable, and is well suited to the mail power user with advanced features like key bindings, keyboard macros, mail threading, regular expression searches and a powerful pattern matching language for selecting groups of messages.Mutt releases can be downloaded from ftp://org/pub/mutt/. For version control access, please refer to the Mutt development site.If it is not updating signatures, you need to renew the license, and maybe even update the product. https://community.sophos.com/products/puremessage/ No comment has been added to this question in more than 21 days, so it is now classified as abandoned.I have recommended this question be closed as follows: Accept: scott_silva (https:#a41761217) If you feel this question should be closed differently, post an objection and the moderators will review all objections and close it as they feel fit.

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