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There are many people out there who, to put it bluntly, just like to rack up the score with how many people they can...score with. Finding love online is not as easy as some may think.

But with that said, not everyone has the same intentions and/or feelings. Look over the rules in the FAQs again carefully and don't be afraid to send a detailed petition about the problem.We want to establish and keep and friendly environment for all ages to interact with. Trying to hack into the server, trying to crack other user's passwords, or otherwise doing something detrimental to the integrity or security of HL is strictly forbidden.If you decide you feel it necessary to stoop so low and bring their child(ren) into it, you will instantly be muted for 3 RL days.If after that mute, you continue to make such comments, it will be a week long ban."My father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

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