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Click Import; Opera will start importing your old emails.Depending on the number of emails to import, this operation may take a while; the import percent complete is a realistic indicator of the email import progress.Email accounts, emails, and contacts you created in Opera 7 are automatically imported.If you are upgrading to the latest version of Opera from a version pre-dating M2, you may need to manually import emails.Once complete, Opera Mail's import wizard will confirm the number of emails it imported. You should now find that your old emails have been imported into Opera; since Opera Mail does not support "email folders" per-se, your imported emails are under "Filters", in a filter named after the selection you imported.It should also contain "(Imported)" appended to its name.For this reason, I challenge women to write to at least five to 10 men every week and comment about something specific in their profile that caught their digital eyes.

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While some pre-digital dating rules taught women not to chase men and to wait up to three days to reply, I’m here to tell you the new dating rules are completely opposite from your grandmother’s rules.Whether you are upgrading to the latest version of Opera, or starting to increasingly use Opera Mail instead of another email program, there are chances that you will be able to import your own emails into Opera.Opera comes with built-in import/export functionality (not only for emails, but also RSS feeds, bookmarks, and Opera contacts.) "M2", the email client introduced in Opera 7, differs from the mail client in Opera 5/6.Whether you already have email accounts setup in Opera Mail does not matter; you will have the choice to integrate imported emails into a pre-existing account if you like.Opera can import emails from Opera Mail prior to M2 (Opera 5 and 6), as well as other email programs: Eudora, Netscape 6 and later, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird.

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