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This mark was in general use at Burslem between 19.On smaller wares, only the bottom half of this mark (i.e. Although B.8 was generally used between 19 B.7 is occasionally found on wares made during these years.1661 (8th of April) It was then voted and Granted to Medad Pumry and Jonathan Hunt that they should either of them haue 16 Acres of land either of them 8 Acres within the fence feild and either of 8 Acres by the mill River,..that it is granted to them on this Condition that they shall inhabit in this towne and possess it in ther owne psons fowre yeares from the day of the date abouesaid, and doe the worke that belong to ther trades, that is to say to supply the Townes need of Smithery and Coopery ware.", volume 2, catalog entry 382, the very rough surface of the back side of the anvil suggests that the anvil was made in the American colonies rather than in England.The high heat necessary to bring low-carbon cast iron to the melting point had apparently just barely been reached when the molten iron was poured into an open top mold.The museum’s collection includes account books relating to Quartus Pomeroy, dating to 1773-17-1801 and a day book, 1788-1794, possibly belonging to Quartus Pomeroy.In addition, Historic Northampton’s collection includes three items made by Seth Pomeroy: a bear trap made circa 1735-1755, a musket dating to 1749 and a cow bell.Medad Pomeroy is buried in Northampton’s Bridge Street Cemetery.While the original anvil resides in storage, a replica of the Pomeroy Anvil is on display at Historic Northampton, courtesy of Bill Pomeroy, creator of the Pomeroy Anvil Trail.

The following numbers indicate the approximate periods during which the patterns so marked were first introduced.

This cast iron anvil was used by several generations of blacksmiths in the Pomeroy family of Northampton, Massachusetts.

The anvil is believed to have been granted to Medad Pomeroy (1638-1716) by the town of Northampton beginning in 1660.

This mark is still used on fine earthenware products such as Character Jugs.

This is the same as 13.9 except for the addition of the words BONE CHINA.

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