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Even when you do receive a chargeback, you may be able to resolve it without losing the sale.

Simply provide your acquirer with additional information about the transaction or the actions you have taken related to it.

In this example and similar situations, always send your acquirer as much information as possible to help it remedy the chargeback.

With appropriate information, your acquirer may be able to resubmit, or “re-present,” the item to the card issuer for payment.

With all of our accounts when a Chargeback is issued you will receive an RFI - Request For Information.However that doesn't always mean that by doing one they are being fair.People will sometimes deliberately Chargeback because as they are simply wanting said product or service for free, cannot remember what they purchased or cannot be bothered to ask for a refund. As previously stated it is not possible for you to avoid Chargebacks completely, however, the information in this section could help you reduce the number of Chargebacks you may receive.If a merchant cannot fulfil its obligations to its customers i.e delivery, replacement or refund, or alternatively a card has been used fraudulently, the genuine cardholder is likely to return to their card issuer to begin a Chargeback of any amounts paid or to dispute unrecognised transactions that have appeared on their statement.In the normal course of business, Chargebacks are passed from the issuer (credit card company) to the acquirer (who is debited by the issuer), who in turn would return to the merchant to either gather sufficient information to defend the Chargeback claim, or to recover monies paid in Chargebacks.

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