Nikon d40x dating pictures

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Unbenounced to me my new camera does not put the Date Stamp on the photo.

Having two small children and taking thousands of photos I was really upset.

These images offer a 'soothing' ambience that is often not found in day light shots.

However, getting those perfect low light shots is not a cake walk. In this article, we bring you some simple tips that you can follow to get those perfect shots even without proper lighting.

After having a conversation with Nikon help line and thinking I was going to have to get a new camera, I found online the reference to Timeto Photo via a google search.

Some gentleman had written in to a website and listed Timeto Photo as an option for adding the date stamp.

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Download Time To Photo 2.9 (32-bit and 64-bit version) [10.17Mb] You may use this trial version during a test period of 30 days.Then remove the protective cap from lens and align the white dot on the lens with the white dot on the camera's body. First, we must charge the camera's battery; when the LED lamp on the charger stops flashing the battery can be inserted to the camera.With a fully charged battery it is possible to take 500 photos.Well waa-la I found you much to my delight and I downloaded the Trial Version, loved it and decided to purchase same. Sasser "I just registered my trial version of Time To Photo.Thank you very much for being there, I know I will enjoy this software for years to come. I found Time To Photo through a Google search for "jpg date time stamp software".

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