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' In oixier to help servicenen cllrdb the promotion ladder, and £]prepare for retirement, the United States Veterans Adninist ration has funded this particular program. Al-Anon is an ana of Alcoholics Anonymous -which has been helpful to the spouses of problem drinkers. It also mediates objectively betveen Parent and Child, The Child ego state consists of early internal responses to outside stimuli, and the "positions" he took about himself and. Intuition, spon- taneity, creativity, and joy reside in the Child, Transactions are units of social intercourse iaplenented by a transactional stiaiulus fron an ego state and executed by a transactional response fron: an ego state. hich ego state is operating is the concern of simple transactional analysis.

Their joal is to help the spouse effectively cope vdth the problems of living i7it.h a problem dz*inker, • 7. Transactions can be com- plementary, crossed, or ulterior, ~ Proce-dures, rituals, and pastimes are ways vhich people structure time.

© ITS Sc TTING , IS ■ Drz-r Mr;- Prartices in the Military ^stsblish-nent Drinking Problems in the Military Establish; "isnt Rahabilitative Resources for Probler. a:; 0\^R'/I£.'J of Gil Sl'^i T THERAPY 52 Gestalt Theory Gestalt Techniques - ' ' IV. ' 65 Early Intei T^ntion One to One Counseling A Group Mo lei Fanilv Involvenent 86 91 13 LIST 0? r:^I0M3 le Transacitioa'il ^inxlrrs Lf^ -'erscnalit;- Structure • « . This vork is not meant to be con- prehensive, advanced, nor is it intended to be a course in counsalin.-. "9 The Adult ego state acts as the survival systen for the human organisrai- It observes factual data and computes the re smalts needed for effectively living in the world, Ajiotber task of the Adult is to regulate the activities of thr Parent and the Child, and to laediate objectively between then.

U ANALYSIS 33 Transactional Analysis Theory Transactional Analysis Therapeutic Tecr^-iiques III. militarj' chaplains in their counselins of problen drinkers, i 1 Expertise in counseling is best gained by clinical practice \ under professional supervision. "(2) tc nal-;3 many responses automatic, wnich conserves a great deal of tine and energj.

aixi J., Jr, Understandir;- and Co-gnselins: the Alcoholic , h'ashville, Abingdon Press, 191^^ (p. In applying the theories of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt therapy to grouj) and ii:idiv~5couiiseling of prcblea drinkers, the ■writer becane con^rxnced that the two theories are compatible and work qtiite -s.."*!! through the use of TAG (TAG- denotes the conbined use of Transactional /malysis am ^Gestalt therapy-- techniques). The tira-nsactions complementai-y: that is,, the response is appro- priate and 'jrpectec 5S:d' follovs the natural order of healthy huaan relationships. s-jble, I, i-'long ■with about four others resigned my club nenber.'i-hip iv Tdle stationed at 21l£V7crth A? Our mz^vers posted in the club and renarks about our "disloyalty" -»rare overheard, * I was not a teetotaler, but at parties. Once in a V7I would have a beor at hone, I can't touch alcohol nov7 because I have hypoglycenia, I i:as practically weaned on hot toddy, Ily grandmother (with w! C-od is f^ the Alcoholic, Chicago, Koody Press, 1965. 39 2A: "'.vr-rn enough fory:.:" (How are you:.) 23: "Sure is. Subjects can include the vxeather, politics, cars, etc. It was a sil&nt attitude, felt, rather than a require.-asnt, Ivlien the rej^alaticns %:ere chan^-sd so that it becane pos- ;-;. .o;,iari Catholic liass or, rcch as groetin^ custons, Ul: "Hi" (Hello, -ood noming.) 13: '^i" (Hello, ^ood ;:;orr:iri-,) ■/ ■ ^Z^- -■ _ . A pastirie is a series of s L-nole conplenentarj' transactions arra-n^e-d around a single field of .-na-terial, whose prinar/ object is to stroct-ui-'e aji i.nteml of tire, are sriply the way people superficially ex chance opinions tc fill an interval of time -.-.athout getting involved at a deeper level. In the author's experience sons chaplains have indicated feelings of inadequacy in counseling problem drinlters, and were therefore, reluctant to involve themselves in a helping role. On the first occasion of drinl: up every morning, get us started, then sleep ti-TO or three hours. There are a lot of enlisted men's vives vho are alcoholics,. You'd be surprised at the nunber of wonen who do nothing ,. LT: I could probably do better, I spend quite a lot here, CH: V/hat are you spending it on? vreekends he ^.-as p-orictual and pei'formed his duties passably. Even in the prealcoholic phase the individual becomes an acconp Hshed liar. as he seeks to keep hds - ■ fa:nily and^-his employer from kno'he is drinking more . Na^/y Chief Petty Officer who claimed to have been drir Jiing four fifths of vodka each day (not impossible, he weighed nearly three hundred pounds). They are played vith psychologically ulterior notives leading to destructive type payoffs, B^rae defines games as being clearly differentiated froa "V procedures, rituals, and paati.'nes by tvra chief characteristics: (1) their ulterior quality and (2) , the payoff ,^2 xho gass of interest in this study is that of "Alcoholic" and the nany related foms it takes, (The popular bestseller, Ganes Peorle Play , by Eric Heme gives a comprehensive list and description of typical ganes, pp, ? persons playing the role of Alcoholic in an Alcoholic gane can be divided into three significantly different t;'pes,''23 xhe thjree roles are "Drur Jf and Proud" (02:? life situation they tsnd to avoid e-::^rer,3Lonz of pit'', er.pathy, or ever. Bi of chaplain accivities to include: religious ser'/icss, religious education, peroral cara, \i.sitaticn, ccimssling, assisting in rehabilitation, rdmstrj- to cick, and ranistty to rdlitary de- psndents,"' Proclen drir Jiirig is a concern inherent in several of the above areas of ninistr;,^; therefore, sone chaplains nay -war.t to irr,pro-/e their slcills in counseling problcn drinkers, STATSSNT OF FJRPOSE The jnirpose of this study has been to develop an introductoiy handbook of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt (TAG) psychotherapeutic tociiniques to assist nilitary chaplains in short-tein counseling with pi-obleai drinkers. Interviews were also held vdth a retired Array Lieutenant Colonel whose views were not so negative, \'asked for his opin- ions x'egarding drinking practices in the Army, he replied: The use of alcohol \:3.s of no interest to Conmand i.inless it becane a problem. Frori these conversations the assumption can be made that heavj' drinking is a comon practice in the i Tiilitar;^- and it is usually ignored unless it ii-iterferes t-iith one's discharge of his duties, - While the vn^iter vjas assigned in the Republic of Vietnari, ' a young officer joined him as he vralked across the compound and the ' follo'wliig conversation ensued: LT: My wife has really been chewing me out in her letters lately, CH: Is that right? LT: Vlell, she says I'm not sending her enough money, CH: Do you thiiik you are? Although a very heavy drinker and usually drank or. • ) Games differ from the simple innocent past Lt^ng of structi^ring tine- and giving and receiving strokes.

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