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Final Fantasy 13 is an exception as the Blu-ray format has much more space than DVDs, so the 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII had more data compression which results in slightly lower quality graphics. This yellow or orange light means that a hardware problem has occurred. The PS3 slim is 33% smaller, 36% lighter, and consumes up to 45% less power than the fat PS3.Key components, such as the cell processor and RSX GPU, are smaller at 45nm, yet just as powerful as the larger 90nm versions.Press it while in the game and it will display the resolution that your TV is currently using. Some games will barely look better, some will look a lot worse, and some will have no difference to the human eye. The colors still won't be as vibrant as a Blu-ray movie but depending on the DVD and how far you sit from your TV, the difference between an upscaled DVD and a Blu-ray movie can be very close.Most developers who have made games for both systems claim that the Play Station 3 is more powerful.

Uncheck the boxes that say "720p" and "1080i" and then save your settings. On your HDTV remote control, look for a button that says "info" or "recall" or something similar.As of 2012, PS3 developers are still finding clever ways to utilize more power from the PS3's CPU.When a game is developed for both systems, the 360 version almost always looks better overall or they both look the same. This might be because the developer spent more time on the 360 version or the fact that the 360 is more easy to develop for. 360 games sell much better so this is one reason why developers usually focus more time and effort on it. Do not try and fix it yourself unless you have experience working inside electronic devices. If you decide you want to discontinue the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time.No matter what your shipping needs, Walmart's got you covered.

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