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He discovered that in the UK Harris was a registered sex offender, jailed in Britain in 2009 for taking and buying indecent photos of children, and banned from working with children for life.

After enquiries at the school, police obtained a dossier of complaints of sexual assault by Harris against five students at the college.

Wael and producers at Quicksilver Media approached Channel 4 News to take up the story.

The sleek Ford moved out of the airport and, almost immediately, Miss Patel’s Whats App social media profile sparked back into life – starved as it had been of any wi-fi service during the flight back to London.

A BBC helicopter hovered over her car as it headed down the A4 into London.

British and Kenyan police raided Simon Harris’s home in Gilgil, known as the Green House.

In the course of the raid, police recovered camera equipment and computer equipment that was to prove important to the case.

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