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"Normally, when [police] investigate criminal activity, they don't put it in the newspaper what they're doing.They just go out and gather the evidence and charge people.And while the RCMP doesn't have the resources to launch investigations into all 20 figures on its list, Grattan said investigations are underway -- or in the planning stages -- for at least half of them.When the Mounties decided a few years ago to compile such a list, their first challenge was who to include.However, while the Angels are powerful, police say they are not hierarchical in the same way as traditional organized crime, where everybody reports to a single boss. bud industry has made the Hells Angels, some of them, extremely wealthy."But, as pot raids have increased, Richards said, some Angels have stepped back from growing marijuana and have taken on a greater role as brokers and middlemen, helping to ship marijuana into the United States. control much of the production and export of high-grade indoor-grown marijuana and the importation and distribution of cocaine," said Busson, according to a copy of her speech obtained by The Sun through an Access to Information request.While each Angels chapter has a president who looks after club business, police say the criminal activities of the bikers are less formally structured."It's not like the Mafia, where everything goes to the top," Richards said. were one of the very first groups to industrialize the marijuana business -- setting up and investing in multiple large grows and producing large shipments for export," he said. One of the main reasons why the Angels are such a high priority for police is that their power and money has allowed them to infiltrate the legitimate economy. regularly shop at Angels' businesses without even knowing it. have often tried to play down the role of biker gangs at the Vancouver and Delta ports. "Millions of dollars change hands in this import-export business.C., denied his club is a criminal organization and said if police had evidence that it was, more of his members would be behind bars."If it were true, they'd be charging people," he said.

Even senior organized-crime investigators in the province have only been allowed to review the list and have not been given their own copies.However, Athwal disputed the suggestion that the Angels control activity at the ports."I don't think they're controlling anything," he said.The problem with that approach, however, is that it often only ensnared the smaller players, leaving many of the kingpins untouched.The goal now, Grattan said, is for police to focus their investigations on the most influential and powerful crime figures, in the hope that putting such people behind bars will destabilize criminal organizations.

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