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This is the illusion that we are or will be included among the fortunate few because misfortune happens only to those who deserve it.

There are plenty of people who understand that the corporate model is one in which there are squeezers and those who are to be squeezed.

The elite will lie, and the people will pretend to believe them.

Heck about 20 percent of the American public will believe almost anything if it is wrapped with the right prejudice and appeal to passion., Feb 04, 2015 In many respects, the media creates reality, so perhaps the most effective route toward changing reality runs through the media.

Often in the direction of yet another war for the expansion of the global neoliberal empire led from Washington, DC. That's why "alternative facts" should be called an "alternative narrative". _r=0 == quote == Maybe this is the same kind of clinical detachment doctors have to cultivate, a way of distancing oneself from the subject, protecting yourself against a crippling empathy.

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Words are only symbols, noises or marks on paper, and turning the messy, ugly stuff of life into language renders it inert and manageable for the author, even as it intensifies it for the reader.

It is the use of illusions in the US society that become prevalent today, converting like into the cinema or theater, where primary goal is entertainment.

Modern MSM are driven by postmodernism which includes among other things substitution of reality with artificial reality, fragmentation of history and push for historical amnesia, decentering of subject and juxtaposition of opposites. The Journalist Udo Ulfkotte ashamed today that he spent 17 years in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

So the illusion of inclusion provides what can be called "a plantation morality" that exalts the insiders and denigrates the outsiders.

Those content with this arrangement obviously view themselves as insiders even when they work for companies that are actively shedding employees.

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