Dating for ex mormons different types of dating services

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During our marriage, we lived our religion and I was very comfortable knowing we didnt have this issue to divide us.Unfortunately, due to anger, resentment, and past problems, we never were sealed in the temple. Oh, and BTW, I never had better sex than with this supposedly "prude" LDS woman.Their ultimate goal for you will be to accept the gospel. BTW, saw the temple and took the tour when I was there in Salt Lake..clean city. they say the Temple was made by draggingstones from the nearby quarry... The thing I will say is that they are very family orientted(spelling)I would not want to live in a place like Saty Lake where religion and religious doctrine are so common and ingrained...bad enough to live in the bible belt. Yes, they are pushy with the religion and its hard to swallow.It's been very hard for me to relate to anybody that wasn't raised mormon and in fact my last was an ex mormon as well. But Park City and other places are great for non-mormons.We all have our boundaries, and we should respect that. First, my credentials: I lived in rural Idaho for several years, including two years of high schooling, and then five years of college.In my graduating high school class of 76 students, 70 were devout Mormons, and 6 of us were not in that category.I had the good fortune to know a couple of fine Mormon women, but message 2 is refreshingly honest. If you aren't Mormon here, you will probably have to own your own business or work beneath those of the chosen faith. I started going back to church after being inactive for 18 years. Nonetheless, we were fellowshipped, taken in wherever we moved ( 5 times in 1998 ) and watched over by God during an extremely bumpy time in our lives.

My Aunt and Uncle converted, b4 I was born...of their 5 children...1 daughter is a single mother and living on welfare, 1 son has 2 children with different mothers with substance abuse issues. They are living the traditional mormon lifestyle, the man works, the wife stays at home and raises the family, with no ambition outside of that. So I am happy for her...I find it is a very patriarchal religion...older sister is on welfare because she has no ambition to do anything else other than find a man to take care of her...thats how she was brought up.Princess seeker, If you're a Mormon you know what the big question for most of us here: Can a Mormon couple with an outsider and resist the temptation to exercise the stereotypical Mormon compulsion to attempt missionary conversion? Can devout Christians set aside the central arrogance of Christianity, that "Christ" is the only means of "salvation" and be happy with a Budhist? I dated a guy who called himself a "Jack Mormon"; not sure what that means, but he smoked & drank; coffee and booze...just didn't work out, wasn't a religious thing, he just had a hard time with my independence... It means they were raised and baptized mormon but no longer attend church and do all the bad stuff they aren't suppose to. That's a belief system I will never believe in no matter how many missionaries ring my doorbell and all that would do is cause problems in the relationship. I did learn, however, that my girlfriends that were/are Mormon were naught naughty girls. Involvement in the church taught my girls morals and values of a higher standard than the world possesses. We were not married in the temple, but had a civil ceremony, with a mind to being sealed later on.I live in southeast Idaho and it's pretty well saturated with the mormon religion. Plus I have no desire to try and replenish the earth by breeding until the woman's uterus fell out. We have a saying here for that: if you can't smell it on their breath, you can bet they are doing it. Call it arrogance if you want, but facts are facts. After 7 years of trying, we had to face the fact that we were not compatible, and began to divorce.But she did have her own truck and took the lead and he followed her in his. It's one thing to say that they were raised Mormon, but if they are using that label to describe themselves, it says something about who they are (just like me labelling myself as Catholic does), and I'm usually not interested in that.There are more mis- conceptions and outright lies in this thread than I have seen in some time!

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