Dating a loner girl

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Much to their frustration, this can be interpreted by others as snobbery or a sense of being better than others.

It’s not; it’s just a byproduct of being an introvert.

If your date is feeling secure with himself in the situation you might be surprised as his inner James Brown awakens and he “gets up offa that thing” and embraces his inner dance machine on the dance floor.

By their very nature, people who enjoy their own company are typically deep thinkers.

Some people might blow off steam at the end of the week by chatting it up over a beverage or two, but for those that don’t crave that kind of social interaction, solitude provides an equally fulfilling sense of stress relief.

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I remember a decade ago when there was a picture of a Michelle Pfeiffer that was used for an advertisement that was used for an add with the headline of perfection or something. A loner is not a red flag for me (and I wasn’t aware of the gender issue here).

You might not notice these people as they arrive at a party, but if you give them time and attention, your conversation might be the one that you remember long after the party is over.

While they might not be the ones initiating a group dance-off, they will certainly participate if they feel comfortable.

I can't go ANYWHERE in public with someone who is anti-social, because that person is fighting against being a part of the experience of going out!! If a chick wants to be alone, fine, I will leave her that way - ALONE. If you are considering meeting a girl and she tells you she's more of a loner, is that a red flag? Do you prefer girls who are more outgoing and friendly with other people? Yet, they tend to make us special and even attractive to those few individuals that appreciate them.

TIt seems ok for guys to be loners, but not girls since we're "supposed" to be more social. Aloofness may not be endearing to everyone, but I can imagine there are many that would be perfectly content to go camping in a secluded spot for the weekend and fish or throw stones into the stream while a partner read a book. I'm not sure what difference it makes, though, whether it is a turnoff. It can be terribly difficult to reinvent ourselves. If it is a turnoff, then so be it, because I really don't see the need for cosmetic surgery to attempt to get rid of it.

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