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behavior, inadvertently causing #First Date Fail for you? Did you find there were fewer Holiday parties to attend this past year?Have your relatives stopped asking you if you're seeing anyone?You'll be joining millions of singles going online to the top internet online dating sites What's the problem with most singles writing and posting their online dating profiles?The majority of singles, of all ages, are not themselves actually professional writers.You'll experience the difference at the digital dating sites immediately.You might even hear from singles who emailed you in the past and won't even recognize you nor realize you are someone they overlooked months ago.

I won't tell you how to make up your mind to hire me to write your online dating profile, if you agree to weigh the benefits you're about to get against what you will lose by delaying your decision and by so doing delay love and your relationship manifestation, OK? Oh my goodness, do not tell me that THAT is what you deserve because I do not believe you. Aim for it, decide upon it, and then apply to me to write your profile and be your dating coach for the next 3 months, 6 months, and perhaps even 9 months.... If you were to dig around and get one of the top 5 Internet Copywriting Experts who I have learned from and continue to work with to learn more to pass this onto you in your Online Dating Profile, then you would find that they or perhaps one of their Online Copywriting apprentices just to make it manageable and affordable for you, that they would begin pricing their writing services at a minimum of you can experience the resulting relationship you want, you desire, you crave.... When you start listing all of the costs and expenses of your last divorce or two and all of those thousands upon thousands of dollars of divorce attorney costs then just 5.00 doesn't seem too bad, does it? I have to admit being absolutely stunned at the level of your expertise as I had a completely different idea of what could be addressed and accomplished with personal coaching." Neil Dhawan, Los Angeles,"When I think of enthusiasm, passion, and inspiration, I think of April Braswell!It's just so much cheaper in comparison when you think of it that way, right? April is a dynamic presenter and communicator bringing her great ideas and insights together for a memorable and impactful experience.Matchmaker Coach April offers her internet dating profile writing and review service to empower to attract love online and get better dates for, so you attract just the right midlife mate for you.Faced with a blank page and way too many questions and sections being offered at the dating sites, they just feel stuck and dejected.

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