Celebrity dating gone too far

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However, sometimes those celebrity crushes can go too far to the point where the admirer has lost their sense of pragmatism and reality.

While the person may not be dangerous, an obsession with their celebrity crush can be detrimental to their social development and finding a healthy relationship.

If you find yourself feeling anger towards a celebrity that is persistent this may be another sign.

A celebrity lives their life like anyone else making decisions they feel are best for them and their lives.

That doesn’t make them better or worse than you and it doesn’t make their decision making abilities any greater.

Celebrities are just as fallible as everyone else, so trust in your own decision making skills.

It is vital for everyone to be able to trust their own instincts in making everyday decisions without feeling the need to constantly see what someone else would do.

Your celebrity crush is just as human as you; they just happen to have a job that places them in the public eye.

(Though please try to avoid simply focusing on someone who just looks like the celebrity as that will just be a continuation of the obsession only you’ll be now focusing on a lookalike.) If you’re able to reach that stage you can then move on to seeing if there is someone that you or your friend might find through a dating service whom would have a lot of these qualities that you find attractive.

Recently, popular celebrity chef, Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, expressed his thoughts on the growing culture of celebrity obsession in a few Instagram posts, which included references to Fattah and Neelofa.

“The posts were meant to be humorous and I never intended to offend anyone,” he told the .

Veteran actress Vanidah Imran said the situation would depend on how the actors marketed themselves.

“In the 1990s, what you believed about a public figure was determined by how the journalists write about them.“Now with the (introduction of) social media, Netizens will believe whatever anyone posts.

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