Can dating scans give wrong dates

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I will see what happens at my next appointment in a few days.I am totally confused, I had an ultrasound that was supposed to be 6.5 weeks, and Dr.I went to my first prenatal visit, and I would have been 15 weeks based on my LMP.However, the doctor did my exam and said I didn't feel pregnant.If you think that you are farther along than they say, just assume the baby will be here earlier then you think.frist off let me tell you just cause you had sex dosen't mean you conceived that night remember sperm can live 72 hours in your body so thats one reason the doctors give a close due date must aren't born on there due dates you can go into laber two weeks before your due date or two weeks after god is the only one that knows when your baby will be here dont rush it injoy it. I keep telling them I'm two weeks further along than they tell me. My last period date doesn't tell them exactly when I ovulated.

I wish they would actually listen and understand that I know when I conceive this baby. I went to my first appointment believing I am 10 weeks by my last period.thought heart rate was low at 87 bpm, and went back 3 days later for another ultra sound, they said the embryo was 5.5 weeks and hadn't developed a heart beat yet.And in the meantime, this is very stressful, wish we would not scan until 8-9 weeks to be really certain, science vs nature..can't be sure, only time can tell, but waiting is a killer when doctors raise alarm.So they did an ultrasound and that said I was 12 weeks.Now I am measuring big and I am sure that the first ultrasound was wrong but my OB's nurse said "they are never wrong" but I am pretty sure they are not 100%.

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