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You can reach CWS at 252.586.0728 or [email protected] CWR at 252.586.4665 or [email protected]

Goodbye, Old Friend To say the least, the last several months have been trying. Pen Pal Shout Out I was thinking today how blessed I am.

Registration for Camp Willow Springs will open at am.

We know there is a lot of excitement about registration, so here is a list of some things to help you prepare: anniversary.

I would give them 5 stars for this because of their effort to make learning Mandarin exciting and for their good attitudes towards teaching. I spent an entire month here in 2017 studying simplified Chinese.

In each lesson, the teacher types new vocabulary, sentences, and sentence structures in an online program that is accessible to the students after class. Wen (Wen Laoshi) has a great teaching method, and felt even in a group class the content was appropriate for my level.

My Mandarin has greatly improved in such a short time and the teachers have given me confidence in my ability to speak more proficiently. Also had a lot of fun in class and met some nice classmates. Last year in december I started with one on one classes at TM.

They gave a very modem approach to teaching that I found very effective.

Had a great time during my 3 months course with Thats Mandarin Beijing!

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