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Tattered Blink tees are stretched over plump(er) bodies, charcoal has been rubbed under eyes, DC caps dusted off and long-closed over face-holes re-pierced – just for one night.

At first, most people stuck up on the hill – or “the outback” as De Longe coins it – are reluctant to get too excited, standing arms-crossed, nodding enthusiastically, but not t-shirt leads the charge, pumping the air frantically with both fists until everyone follows. Despite the god-awful Myer Music Bowl acoustics swamping Blink’s sound so the bass bleeds in gigantic “womps” across each song, the band sound tight. Fill-in drummer Brooks Wackerman holds everything together with ease and even gets the chance to “show off” for a moment, rolling out a drum solo in one of the three set spots usually reserved for a “Travis solo”. It’s hard not be caught up in The Mark and Tom Show.

For one night only Blink-182 gave 10000 Melbourne fans the chance to regress – and regress they did, writes SARAH SMITH. The guy swaying in front of me has one tattooed on his forearm.

The young girl beside him apparently wants Tom De Longe to “suck her dick”. It’s always strange when a band that you had a fling with in your teens reunites.

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I love checking out new bars, restaurants and cafes.

The plane crash killed four people and left Barker with burns to 65% of his body.

He and producer DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) were the only survivors from the accident and just a year later Goldstein died of an accidental drug overdose.

The pair literally never stop moving, swearing, grinning or talking.

They are clearly having a stupid amount of fun, singing stupid songs to a bunch of people who just want to pretend for one stupid moment, that they are 15 again.

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