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The city’s prosperity and potential attracted Sam Walton, who operated his first retail store at Newport. Newport’s economic growth was accompanied by many community initiatives, including music and drama associations, women’s groups, and civic organizations.In the 1940s and 1950s, numerous honky-tonks and music clubs were established in Newport and Jackson County.No one was charged in connection with the lynching.Newport entered the twentieth century as a prosperous river town, its wealth accumulating through timber and cotton sales.Its location on the White River at the transition from the Ozark foothills to the Delta flatland is ideal as a northeast Arkansas crossroads for road, river, and rail traffic.

Newport is a rural community with deep agricultural ties.Newport was established as the Jackson County seat in 1892.As a river town at the foothills of the sparsely settled Ozark Mountains, Newport attracted a rough cadre of loggers, trappers, boatmen, and farmers whose boisterous activity was reflected in a news article in the 1879 that stated “latest statistics show that one pint of Newport whiskey contains four fights, three knockdowns, one stealing of the ballot box, one contested election and one rape.” Early Twentieth Century On December 31, 1904, Louis Allwhite, a white man, was taken from the Newport jail and lynched outside of town; he had allegedly participated in the rape and murder of two women on Christmas Day.One local factory could handle 76,000 pounds of shells per day, requiring 1,000 shell fishers on the White and Black rivers to keep it active.Button cutters worked for Muscatine Pearl Works or owned their own cutting machines at home.

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