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Some of these churches hold to Pentecostal doctrine, while some do not.The largest groups are probably the Apostolic Church (or Apostolic Faith Church), which was born out of the Welsh revival of 1904-1905; and the New Apostolic Church International, which is traced back to the British revivals of the 1830s.In his Homilies on Leviticus, Origen, a 2nd century theologian, remarked that “only sinners” marked the day of their birth, citing evil rulers like the Egyptian pharaoh and Herod as examples of vain birthday celebrations.

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Regarding salvation, they teach the need for conviction of sin, repentance, restitution, and confession for salvation.According to one of their early writers, the Apostolic Church stands for first-century Christianity in faith, practice, and government, “to make known world-wide the forgiveness of sins through the atoning death of Christ, the baptism in water by immersion; the baptism of the Holy Spirit with signs following; the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit; the five gifts of our Ascended Lord; and the vision called in the New Testament, the Church which is His body.” As intimated in that statement, the practice of signs and wonders is an integral part of their doctrine.The doctrine of the Apostolic Church is similar to most evangelical churches.Question: "What is the Apostolic Church, and what do Apostolics believe?" Answer: There are several groups which call themselves “Apostolic.” Generally speaking, these churches all seek to uphold or return to the teachings and practices of the first church.

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