Alberta dating laws

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You have no legal right to the property purchased by your partner just because you have lived together for a period of time.

However, if you have contributed to the other person’s property, either directly or indirectly, you may have rights.

Property is not divided using the same rules as matrimonial property.

It is best to contact your specific religious institution to determine their position on the marriage of cousins. G.(C.), 2002 Can LII 9172 (QC CA) – (French) Kumar v.

A direct contribution would include, but is not limited to, paying for the mortgage, utilities or renovations.

An example of indirect contribution would include, but is not limited to, child care, maintaining the household or decorating the household.

Please note there is no requirement that you need to be aware that you are in an Adult Interdependent Relationship (AIR) or that you knew this legislation existed.

It is lawful to live in a Cohabiting and Adult Interdependent Relationship as long as both people are at least 18 years or over.

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