Accommodating employees with disabilities

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But sometimes, those accommodations do not exist, and the employment relationship cannot continue.

Have clear policies in place pertaining to the interactive process, and require documentation from the time a request for accommodations is first made.

But in addition to that, disability discrimination can get a company into a lot of trouble. So if you want to avoid that panicked tizzy, educating yourself and your managers on how best to accommodate those employees with disabilities is key.If potential accommodations would be unreasonably expensive to your company, or would greatly alter the flow of business, or if the employee poses a substantial risk to other employees, an undue hardship can be claimed.Again, all attempts to find potential accommodations should be documented.These should be spelled out clearly on your job descriptions to avoid any confusion about what each job entails – and they should accurately represent what is truly essential to each position.Understanding the Interactive Process In California, we have the “Interactive Process” to assist in accommodating employees with disabilities.

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